I’m scared-How bout you?

I’m scared. Yes I said it. I am scared. Not for the reasons most are thinking. Which I am sure is health concerns. Is this health crisis scary? Absolutely. Is it the main reason I am scared? NO. I have watched  the internet, news and media reek havoc on our world. Remember the game telephone? That is what I am watching…. One person whispers something to the next and down the line it goes until the sentence that was first said, is no longer the sentence is was intended to be.  A horrible game of telephone is being played with our lives from “Supposed” credible sources. Who do you listen to? Who do you trust? what is this showing our children?  We are failing as a Nation to LISTEN!!!! This is why I am scared. 

Today I had to put my hand over my own heart, to feel it beating, to listen in complete silence of the purpose that it holds.   I am a strong believer that there is a spiritual purpose behind everything, whether it be good or bad. Well, here we all are, staring down the barrel of divine intervention. 

What is the purpose of this major shift?  To slow us down and reevaluate our life?  Is this a reminder that we are all connected no matter who we are or where we come from?  Is our beating hearts reminding us of how precious life really is?  I believe it is all of these reasons. I believe we are standing in front of a mirror and it is reflecting all of it.  As a collective Nation we are fixers and doers, but as a community we look deeply into the flaws instead of exploring the potential. Instead of practicing patience we inflict panic. We fail to remember we are divinely made beings with unlimited possibilities.   

This isn’t the first crisis we have seen or been witness to.  So why is the universe yet again showing us the signs that something is wrong?  Are we a nation of insanity, because the definition of insanity is to repeat the same mistakes hoping for a better outcome.  There will be no better outcome unless the lessons we learn now, stay with us.  We forget when we are going 1000 miles an hour trying to be the best, that life is a precious gift and none of us are immune to a disaster.   

Cancer by definition is, “a disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body.”  For those of you who don’t have cancer….. This is now your cancer. We are ALL living in an uncontrolled division of abnormal circumstance.  But this cancer can be fixed. This cancer can be controlled if we LISTEN and come together as a community.  We MUST put in the work NOW, to look after each other and benefit from each and everyones strengths and abilities. This doesn’t have to be how our story is written in the history books. We get to write it with the heart that beats in everyones chest. The heart of a Nation that is strong and resilient. I want to be a part in that story. How about you?   

Wrapping you all in love and light,



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