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Signs From Your Angels

For many years I have read and studied about angelology. I have been fascinated about the understanding of the Spirit world. At a time when we need hope in such a big way I wanted to share some knowledge.

Angels are heavinly beings that are usually believed to be servants of God who can carry out his wish on Earth. We encounter Angel messages all the time, but usally are unaware. I wanted to shed some light on the messages so you may recognize when an Angel has surrounded you.

Some signs to look for are:

Finding pennies, dimes and feathers in unusual places.

Bells ringing, Butterflies, a familair scent.

Sudden temperature change, flickering lights, goosebumps, or an overwhelming feeling of unconditional love.

Repeating number sequence, a specific song that brings back memories of a lost loved one, or even a book falling and opening to a page that has a message.

Angels are with us and all around us. I know this is a trying time for so many of us, but I want you to know it will be ok. I hope this brings you some love and light today. My hope is you become aware of your Angels and recieve a beautiful message.

If you would like me to pull and Angel card for you please post a message!


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