Better Be Bloody Aware!

September is Blood Cancer Awareness month. Every three minutes, someone is diagnosed with blood cancer – more than 201,870 new cases are expected this year in the United States. Nearly 866,000 Americans are living with Hodgkin’s or non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. An estimated 68,000 deaths will result from blood cancer this year. Blood cancers affect the production and…


This boogie man is the real deal

Back to school means back to colds, coughs, the flu – yuck.  September is also the time to become more aware of the real Boogie Man of childhood illness, Peditric Cancer. Did you know that: Only 4% of the National Cancer Institute’s budget goes to pediatric cancer. Every day 46 kids are diagnosed with cancer….

Repost – Plant Based Diets Effective for Breast Cancer Survival

There are so many credible, amazing resources out there on holisitic health that we love, so as a new feature here on Fabuously Fighting we will be highlighting some of our favorite bloggers and contributors.  Up first is a great piece from Amanda Brocket of the Raw Food Kitchen originally posted July 14, 2016 on…

National Cancer Survivor’s Day

The other day I read an article about a woman who was speaking about being a cancer survivor.  She stated from the minute of diagnosis that she became a survivor. This was very interesting to read, as I have questioned many times if I am considered a survivor with the metastatic state I live in….

Noggin Nasties

A few years ago during a particullarly bad round of experimental chemo, I was experiencing severe vertigo, something I had only minorly experienced previously.  I was so disoriented and dizzy that I was limited to laying on the couch and not much else.  During this time I also had ringing in my ears, I was…