Vitamin D Deficency linked to autoimmune disease and cancer

I see many patients who are Vitamin D Deficient and are unaware this is causing health problems.


Who should be eating a raw food diet?

We can all afford to eat a healing diet with more raw fruits and vegetables, and here’s the primary reasons why……. While you might think otherwise, cooked foods are usually harder to digest than raw foods, plus cooking nutrient-dense foods tends to destabilize some of their valuable enzymes and destroy certain antioxidants and vitamins. Raw…

Raw Food Wednesday

Despite what many have heard, the raw food (diet) lifestyle is not a fad.  It is actually an anti-diet with many health benefits. This lifestyle simply promotes eating whole foods in it’s natural state.  Eating unprocessed and uncooked foods so you will recieve all of the nutrients without the additives. Raw Foodism has been around…

Herbal Heart Map

This month I will be helping to navigate you through body mapping. It will discuss major organs and what will help to run them efficiently.  Please reach out with any questions.

Strength Training and Cancer

One of the most difficult things about living with cancer and its treatments is fatigue. Most patients experience fatigue that goes beyond normal tiredness. It is an overwhelming feeling that prevents a person from even wanting to get out of bed. With fatigue, everything about life is more difficult, from the necessary things like going…