Over the Rainbow

It has been an amazing and busy summer with book signings and Breast Cancer awareness and fundraiser events with Miss Pink.  Here are some highlights:

Where’s the Beef?

A taste test and melt off of the Beyond Burger (vegan burger) and three vegan cheeses.

Delirium in the morning

It has been a long but GREAT week! This is a Facebook Live on the way to Magic 106.7 to do an interview with Sue Tabb for her Exceptional Women segment.  I might be a little delirious from some late nights….

Music to meditate by

I have made mention in some recent posts about the music that Dave and I listen to when meditating.  The following video offers audio examples of some of our favorites.

Baby got brows!

Here are the supplies I used: Ardelle Brow Kit Elf angled, tapered brush Translucent powder Elf small stipple brush

Lashes for Days!

I apply lashes daily, yes that is right, daily.  You see, my former friend chemotherapy destroyed what lashes I had.  Lashes bring attention to the eye, the windows to your soul and with them I feel fabulous! I have found a quick and easy way to apply lashes and today I am sharing this method…