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Signs From Your Angels

For many years I have read and studied about angelology. I have been fascinated about the understanding of the Spirit world. At a time when we need hope in such a big way I wanted to share some knowledge. Angels are heavinly beings that are usually believed to be servants of God who can carry… Continue reading Signs From Your Angels

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The Empath Survival Tip

If you have been extra tired these past few weeks, Fear and Anxiety are likely the reason for this exhaustion. As an empath or those of us who are sensitive to the energies and experiences of others, we tend to exhaust ourselves. Even when witnessing others anger. The reason other's anger can drain you of… Continue reading The Empath Survival Tip

Fab Fighting Community

Immune Boosting juices for COVID-19

1 Lemon, 2 organic apples, 1 inch piece of ginger, 3 cloves of garlic, 1 inch piece of tumeric, and a piece of burdock root (if you can find it) but can be left out. 3 oranges, 6 carrots, 1 large beet, and 1 inch piece of ginger. 6 organic kale leaves, 1/2 bunch parsley,… Continue reading Immune Boosting juices for COVID-19

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Immune Support during COVID-19

While most are running around scooping up ALL the toilet paper, I wanted to arm us with the knowledge to help support our immune system. I am here to answer questions and help you through this uncertain time. I am still taking appointments through FaceTime or zoom for existing and new clients. I am also… Continue reading Immune Support during COVID-19


Eating humble pie and washing it down with the bitter truth

I have held off this article for a month. A month of festering humility, a month of sobering truth and hardcore self reflection.  We never want to admit to ourselves that we are truly flawed and judgmental. That our own insecurities rear their ugly head when we least expect it: but here I am am… Continue reading Eating humble pie and washing it down with the bitter truth


The Gloomies have taken over

The overwhelming feeling of the winter blues is in full force.  Some may even say it’s SAD(seasonal effective disorder) Over the past few months I have pulled way back from social media, from my writing, and from the social scene.  I know it may not seem it to those who follow me but I have… Continue reading The Gloomies have taken over