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Fabianna Marie offers a dynamic presentation that engages the audience thru humor and thought provoking questions and ideas.  Topic areas include:

Power Thru Adversity

We often feel that the challenges we face are dragging us down and keeping us from IMG_1411.JPGmoving forward.  During this presentation Fabianna Marie shows participants how the challenges we face actually make us stronger and can be used for growth.  An open mind and the willingness to look at things in a new light are required.

The Magnitude of Your Mindset

When first diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 27, Fabianna Marie received the most powerful advice of her over 14 year battle with cancer from a perfect stranger: “This disease is 99% mindset.”  During this presentation Fabianna shows participants the power of positive thinking and offers easy to implement strategies for daily growth.

Conscious CHOICE to Make Change

The decisions we make shape our lives, yet many of us are unconscious of the true power of our choices.  Fabianna Marie brings participants through 6 steps that will allow them to identify what they truly desire, create an action plan for achieving their ideal life and living in an abundant mindset.

Holistic Healing and Wellness 

As a certified Certified Holistic nutritionist, specializing in raw-vegan cuisine, and a Naturopathic and Aromatherapy Practitioner, Fabianna can speak on a multitude of health topics.  A 13 year lupus and cancer fighter who was told many times to get her affairs in order, she speaks how natural healing is at the forefront of her daily life. She has helped numerous people heal through this method and loves to share her knowledge with like minded Fabulous Fighters!

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