National Sexual Assault and Prevention month

This month is National Sexual Assault and prevention month, National month of Hope, and National Volunteer month. (there are also others) But I wanted to focus on the three that aligned together, which is no coincidence.

A Typical Day at the Office

There are two things that you can be certain of during a typical day at Fabulously Fighting – Prince the Wonder Dog will be in a lap or by your feet and there will be major laughter and shenanigans. Each month we work to bring you content that is designed to inspire, educate, provide hope,…

Noggin Nasties

A few years ago during a particullarly bad round of experimental chemo, I was experiencing severe vertigo, something I had only minorly experienced previously.  I was so disoriented and dizzy that I was limited to laying on the couch and not much else.  During this time I also had ringing in my ears, I was…

Where It Began

I have talked a lot about my thirteen year battle with metastatic Breast Cancer and it often overshadows my fourteen year fight with Lupus.  You see, it was my diagnosis with Lupus just after Mackenzie was born that eventually lead to my Breast Cancer diagnosis just a year later.  May is Lupus awareness month and…

Breast Cancer Awareness month

October has always been my favorite month out of the year. Even when I was a little girl. The vibrant color of the leaves on the trees, the smell of apple cider donuts, preparing for halloween, and of course it’s also the month I was born. October is the month I wait all year for….