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All natural pit paste that isn’t the pits!

There is nothing like the ripe scent of BO on a hot summer day to make you throw up slightly in your mouth.  The problem is, the aluminum and other nasty stuff in traditional deodorant and anti perspirant are not things that I want to put in my body.  I have been on quest for… Continue reading All natural pit paste that isn’t the pits!

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I put gold flakes on my face – no seriously

I have had issues with my skin over the last twelve years thanks to major hormonal changes and copious amounts of chemotherapy coursing through my veins.  I was resistant to the idea of using oil on my face because it can already be so oily, but a friend of mine swore by this Farsali oil… Continue reading I put gold flakes on my face – no seriously

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Introducing Daily Tricks and Tips

We are thrilled to announce a new segment here at Fabulously Fighting called "Tricks and Tips".   Each week day we will bring you a little tidbit that can make your life easier, more fun and absolutely fabulous!  Check out our schedule below and keep your eyes peeled daily for these tips. Monday Meditation Beauty… Continue reading Introducing Daily Tricks and Tips

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Lashes for Days!

I apply lashes daily, yes that is right, daily.  You see, my former friend chemotherapy destroyed what lashes I had.  Lashes bring attention to the eye, the windows to your soul and with them I feel fabulous! I have found a quick and easy way to apply lashes and today I am sharing this method… Continue reading Lashes for Days!