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Wise words from a 14 year old caregiver

When I was diagnosed with lupus and Breast Cancer my biggest fear was how to handle these adversities with a child who would see everything. ¬†Children are sponges and I was fearful my aliments would put a burden on our small child, at the time. ¬†I'm the mom and my job is to take care… Continue reading Wise words from a 14 year old caregiver

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We are all caregivers

"When someone else's hapiness is your happiness, that is love." Lana Del Ray National care givers month is very special to me. It makes me reflect on the many caregivers in my life. I am forever grateful for the amount of joy and love they bring to my life everyday. Thinking about a caregiver makes… Continue reading We are all caregivers

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National caregivers month-Advice from Dave

This month we are celebrating so many things, including National Care Givers month. All month long we will be highlighting not only the amazing caregivers in my life but will be offering some tips for others. Today I am giving this article over to my husband David to offer his perspective of what being a… Continue reading National caregivers month-Advice from Dave