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Meet Meg Lyman, Inspiration and Cannibabe!

Megan and I met through pageantry. I know, surprising right?  There is something very special about her and you are drawn to her energy.  Megan is changing the face of the health and wellness community, and I love it!  Meg and I share a the same drive to prove naturopathic ways to healing is the… Continue reading Meet Meg Lyman, Inspiration and Cannibabe!

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National Cannabis Awareness Month

It is no secret that I use multiple modalities for healing. I was introduced to cannabis a few years back, and with a lot of research on my part, I decided to use it as one of my forms of healing. Below you will find a website that explains about using it properly and how… Continue reading National Cannabis Awareness Month

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Oh The Things We Will Do

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about how I am approaching my treatment as a thirteen year, metastatic Breast Cancer Fighter.  I am not a fan of chemotherapy.  Take a drug that will kill everything in my body, and maybe the cancer too?  Ugh.  In reality though, it is chemotherapy that has been… Continue reading Oh The Things We Will Do

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Trying something new

I recently incorporated CBD oil capsules into my holistic healing methods.  Even though I am on a new form of chemotherapy, I am still dedicated to including whole foods and homeopathic methods into my healing plan.  To avoid any controversy or miss-information, I have decided to reference a great article and image from Dr. Axe… Continue reading Trying something new