Obstacles and Adventure

  “Obstacles are placed in our way to see if what we want is really worth fighting for.” For the past 3 weekends we have traveled back and forth to Vermont to see our beautiful ballerina perform. She was accepted into the Burklyn Ballet Summer Intensive In Johnson Vermont. To say we are proud parents…


A Mother’s Love

As the weekend comes to a close I wanted to reflect on the young lady we were celebrating. Our beautiful daughter Mackenzie, who turned fourteen on Friday. While I’m still in shock that she can be fourteen while I hold tight at 25, I digress. This weekend I was able to not only enjoy and…

Dear Mom, Woman’s Day Article

Recently Mackenzie wrote a letter to Fabianna. The letter was chronicled in Woman’s Day Magazine.  Take a look at the brave children who wrote about their mother’s who are battling cancer. Dear Mom, woman’s Day article