All natural Allergy Relief

How to help your allergies… Naturally! Click the link to find out how.


Vetiver- Ve-Whater?

Vetiver is a common oil I use in my essential oil blends for my clients and myself. This is an oil you don’t hear about a lot but the benefits are amazing! Vetiver is widely cultivated in the world’s tropical regions. It is derived through the steam-distillation of the plants roots.

Part of My Daily Battle

Last week I talked about CBD oil, medicinal marijuana and chemotherapy as part of my healing regimen.  Today I want to highlight two other techniques I use as part of my holistic healing routine.  We have posted quite a bit here on Fabulously Fighting about different uses for essential oils.  There is a lot of…

Get Your Think On

These days we are bombarded with so many distractions thanks to modern technology, pepper in lack of sleep and lack of sunlight and it is no wonder we are having a hard time focusing.  If you happen to have ever been on chemotherapy, chemo brain is a real thing and does not just go away…

Use This Not That

We love this swap of traditional medicine cabinet remedies for essential oils featured on Dr Axe

Fresh Air Diffuser Blend

Spring is here! Throw open the windows and blast away stale, winter air with this refreshing diffuser blend: 3 drops teatree essential oil 3 drops lemon essential oil 3 drops lime essential oil And for an added energy boost 2 drops wild orange essential oil

Immune Boost in a bottle

As we head into December, cold and flu season are fully upon us.  Don’t let the weather and stress of the holidays get your immune system down.  Boost your immune system naturally while you sleep by using this in a diffuser at night. 1 drop rosemary essential oil: a potent antioxidant with strong anti-cancer properties…