Mantra Monday

Every Monday I will have a new mantra, and my thoughts surrounding it.

Mantra Monday

Repeating this mantra will rewire how we speak to ourselves.

12 Habits of Happy Women

The common theme for this month is how as women, do we take care of ourselves?  We often forget we are our number 1 priority.  If you notice #1 on the list of all happy women- They practice self-care.  I will admit I am not great at this step. I need reminders and to set…

Goodbye January! Hello Mantra Monday

I can honestly say I am happy to see January go. The gloominess and cold weather has us all down in the dumps. ¬†Welcome to February and a better mind set! Here are 5 Mantras for reducing stress and putting you in the right frame of mind to tackle this month with gratitude and joy!…

Reducing Stress – 5 healing mantras from

Mantras or affirmations can be effective tools in making change and bringing about the life that you desire.  Repeat the mantra to yourself while meditating, to yourself in the mirror and throughout the day to rewire your brain to believe and achieve the message.