Are you pushed around by fear?

Often we forget that we are the captains of our own ship. Fear sneaks in and drops little doubts that we can’t dream that big dream and go after the world. Your heart always knows, your heart will lead the way. Don’t let a little fear derail your passions, let your heart and soul guide…

National Cannabis Awareness Month

It is no secret that I use multiple modalities for healing. I was introduced to cannabis a few years back, and with a lot of research on my part, I decided to use it as one of my forms of healing. Below you will find a website that explains about using it properly and how…

Fabs Guacamole

This Mexican favorite is sure to be your favorite as well!

National Day of Hope

Today we celebrate hope. We celebrate the only thing stronger than fear. For me when the world says, “give up” Hope whispers, “try one more time.” For all my Fabulous Fighters who have ever doubted how far you can go, hope will carry you through. Cheers friends!

National Sexual Assault and Prevention month

This month is National Sexual Assault and prevention month, National month of Hope, and National Volunteer month. (there are also others) But I wanted to focus on the three that aligned together, which is no coincidence.