A chant for a Monday

A chant for Monday…Find out how you can make this the best week yet.


Are you pushed around by fear?

Often we forget that we are the captains of our own ship. Fear sneaks in and drops little doubts that we can’t dream that big dream and go after the world. Your heart always knows, your heart will lead the way. Don’t let a little fear derail your passions, let your heart and soul guide…

Goodbye January! Hello Mantra Monday

I can honestly say I am happy to see January go. The gloominess and cold weather has us all down in the dumps.  Welcome to February and a better mind set! Here are 5 Mantras for reducing stress and putting you in the right frame of mind to tackle this month with gratitude and joy!…

Manifestation Monday- Week 4

Feeling worthy of a great life is the backbone of recieving a great life. More often than not, most of us don’t even give worthiness a thought in out life. Feeling worthy or unworthy never crosses our mind. For most of us, feeling unworthy is more the normal. Unworthiness comes from our childhood, a cicumstance…

New Year’s and Monday Lies

How are your New Year’s resolutions going? How is the start and promise you make to yourself every Monday? January 1st, what a joke. Monday’s what a joke!  We have been lied to, change is not linear. You have the ability and capacity to make everyday the day you begin again. Why does it have…

Manifesting Monday

The first time I watched The Secret, it changed a piece of me. The second time I watched The Secret it changed my life. The way I thought, the way I looked at the world, and the way I talked to myself.  You have to be ready to truly understand we are the architects of…

Sometimes it is ok to look back

We are one month into this new year, how are you doing?  Be proud of the progress you have made, even if it isn’t exactly where you want to be.  Change and progress take time, celebrate the small achievements along the way to your goals.

The “S” Word

Do you have a plan in place to help you to be successful?  Having a plan and a positive mindset will help you to achieve anything you set your mind to.


Do you love Mondays like I do?