Vegan Chocolate Covered Strawberries

These sweet treats are perfect for your vegan Valentine’s weekend Advertisements


Just Celery Juice-Ask me why?

Every Friday I bring you a recipe. Today’s recipe is one ingredient, CELERY! I have been juicing celery for a few days now, hoping it woud bring some relief to my lupus flare, the miniere’s disease, and all the symptoms I am experience.  Within the last 2 days, I am already seeing some improvement.  I…

Book Club – The Raw Transformation

The Raw Transformation: energizing your life with living foods. By: Wendy Rudell This book has been a great resource for me and is a must have for anyone venturing into a raw lifestyle. The visually stunning guide to going raw proves that it is possible to enjoy healthy food and great flavor. The more than…

Rawkin Blueberry Pie (raw, vegan, gluten free)

This all natural, no processed sugar added, no bake pie is sure to make you come back for seconds!  You won’t believe how simple, yet delicious this pie is.  This time, it really is OK to have pie for breakfast!

Repost – Plant Based Diets Effective for Breast Cancer Survival

There are so many credible, amazing resources out there on holisitic health that we love, so as a new feature here on Fabuously Fighting we will be highlighting some of our favorite bloggers and contributors.  Up first is a great piece from Amanda Brocket of the Raw Food Kitchen originally posted July 14, 2016 on…

What’s Up Fab Juice

Rich in iron, with metabolism and immune boosting properties, this anti-cancer fighting juice is sure to please.