International Stress Away Day

I suppose if there was no stress in our world, there would be no stress away day. So what does tha say about how we live? Life continues to be more stressful and starts to affect our health. Below I have given links to some ideas to help your stress and save your health. Advertisements


Walking and cancer

A growing number of research studies internationally have shown how regular exercise, as long as it increases someone’s heart rate, can help prevent cancer, or lower the risk of it returning. Many forms of exercise can put harmful stress on the body, especially if you are elderly or have previous or chronic injuries. Low-impact workouts…

Reducing Stress – 5 healing mantras from

Mantras or affirmations can be effective tools in making change and bringing about the life that you desire.  Repeat the mantra to yourself while meditating, to yourself in the mirror and throughout the day to rewire your brain to believe and achieve the message.