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Let the Negative Ions In (and the sunshine too)

I have talked to you about smudging before, (What the smudge? August 2017) it is an ancient ritual from Native American culture during which you burn a stick of herbs (most often sage) in order to purify and cleanse the air, your body and objects of negative energy.¬† I wanted to revisit smudging, the science… Continue reading Let the Negative Ions In (and the sunshine too)

Fab Fighting Community

What the smudge?

Smudging is the practice of burning herbs, most commonly sage, to get rid of negative energy on yourself, in your home, or any space for that matter. ¬†Smudging is very useful when you are feeling bad (angry, depressed, resentful) or have any type of negative energy that is bringing you down. To smudge, light the… Continue reading What the smudge?