Eye of the Tiger

For the past week I have been in a really bad place. This is something very difficult to articulate as those dancing monkey’s I have spoken about in the past tend to creep up when we least expect it. There are not many times when I can’t seem to pull myself out of the dark… Continue reading Eye of the Tiger

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Time Out!

We have said it before and we will say it again, taking time for you is not selfish, it is vital to your health both physically and emotionally.  We are constantly on the go, often giving to others long before we even consider giving to ourselves.  We pour out of our cup into others and… Continue reading Time Out!

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Baste, Bake, Breathe, Baste, Breathe Again

T minus two days until Thanksgiving! Chances are you are a bit busy this week trying to prepare for the holiday, school break, Black Friday, parties, gatherings and more.  As things get hectic, we tend to forget one of the simplest strategies for reducing stress and giving our body and soul a quick recharge: taking… Continue reading Baste, Bake, Breathe, Baste, Breathe Again