Are you showing signs of a week immune system?

Have you noticed colds coming on more often? Perhaps feeling exhausted for no reason? Could these be signs of a weakened immune system? The symptoms of a weakened immune system depend on many factors. Whether it’s acquired or congenital and consider your main organs that also play a role in determining symptoms, included your spleen,…


Yes, This is my life

I have lived with Lupus and Breast Cancer now for over 14 years.  The other day, an especially rough day, I found myself repeating to others who were offering words of sympathy; This is my life.  I followed up by saying, I can choose to cry over these bad days or I can meet these…

What’s under your skin?

Over the last decade, more than 10,000 Americans have had their blood tested by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in an attempt to determine their “chemical body burden.” The results of the CDC study were stunning: even those who lived in remote areas were found to have hundreds of synthetic chemicals…

National Day of Hope

Today we celebrate hope. We celebrate the only thing stronger than fear. For me when the world says, “give up” Hope whispers, “try one more time.” For all my Fabulous Fighters who have ever doubted how far you can go, hope will carry you through. Cheers friends!

National Sexual Assault and Prevention month

This month is National Sexual Assault and prevention month, National month of Hope, and National Volunteer month. (there are also others) But I wanted to focus on the three that aligned together, which is no coincidence.

Toxic Chemicals in the body

I believe knowledge is power. The more we educate ourselves the better our health is. What are the toxic chemicals you put on your skin daily? Find out how to identify and avoid these products.