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Fabulously Fighting is all about women empowerment and raising each other up. I have had many conflicted feelings about making this post as I don’t want to be scrutinized for my opinion.


Meet Sarah our inspirational role model and WCW

I met Sarah through a mutual friend. You can feel her energy and passion for dance right away. Sarah and Mackenzie immediatly clicked and Kenzie was chosen to perform with ┬áNeo (Neoteric Dance Collaborative) company. The performance was based around survivorship thru abuse. Dave and I sat in awe of this performance and what Sarah…

Meet Powerhouse and Inspirational Role Model- Tiffany Middelton

Tiffany and I “met” through social media and finally met in person at a fundraising event. It was an immediate soul sister connection. Not only is she a powerhouse in her professional life but her amazing and generous soul speaks volumes to everyone she meets. ┬áPlease give a Fabulously Fighting welcome to my friend and…