You Don’t have to be pretty like her, you ARE Pretty!

You don’t have to be pretty like her- you Are pretty! You ARE WORTHY  Today as my husband and I were working on the second edition of our book, we got into a heated discussion. This discussion stemmed from my statement that the world in general can not see beauty beyond size.  We preach that stereotypes… Continue reading You Don’t have to be pretty like her, you ARE Pretty!

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Over or under?

So you want to achieve or maintain a healthy weight, the trick is to eat less right?  Not necessarily.  When you eat too little for too long, your body goes into starvation mode, slowing down your metabolism and halting fat loss.  So where is the sweet spot? Really, this will be different for everyone based… Continue reading Over or under?

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Before You Eat That…

If you are not familiar with Deepak Chopra, we highly encourage you to get aquainted.  A doctor of internal medicine and a major thought leader on self improvement and alternative healing, Chopra has written over 85 books with 25 of them being NY Times best sellers.  Today we are focusing on a book that gets… Continue reading Before You Eat That…

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It is all about the numbers

Happy February! We are officially one month into the year and where are you with your weight wellness goals?  Maybe you have a lot to lose, or a little to gain, either way, when you just consider the scale, weight wellness is all about the numbers. In order to lose weight, one must consume less… Continue reading It is all about the numbers